Digital Revolution 

The 1st digital business card, where you can create a professional and stylish online presence to showcase your brand, products, and services. Our platform offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to easily design and customize your digital business card to reflect and stand out from your competitors. 

Digital Identity

Share contact information with one tap or swap

We create digital identities for individuals, companies, and products. These online business cards can be shared seamlessly through QR codes and NFC applications, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper cards.

With the ability to update your card at any time, you can ensure that your network always has your most up-to-date contact information.

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Powerful Functionalities

Unlock your potential with our extensive and powerful functionalities

NFC Chip

Place your business card on your phone to share data

Plug & Play

Share all your important contact information without an app

Device Support

Work on (almost) all devices that use Android or iOS software
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Tap or Scan

Ready to grow your business?

Make a lasting first impression on potential customers with a simple tap or scan. Our digital business card solution allows you to effortlessly share all your relevant contact information in a contactless and speedy manner.

Ready to grow your business? Go for a next level network experience and create your business card today!

How does it work?

With Taptogo Vcard you can share all your relevant contact information with just one tap or scan.

Make Your Order

Choose your free business card that fits your personality.


Choose you Subcription Plans

Select your subscription plans and ready to go.


Log in to your account

Log in to your account to edit your profile while your business card is delivered to you.


Share your profile via QR code, link or with just a tap.


Get the most out of your product

Taptogo Vcard lets you easily customize what you share and get instant updates.

It’s secure; just enter your username,password and start using it.

Our Features

Your online environment in one card, accessible 24/7

Tap-To-Go Vacrd provides you with a single card that encompasses your entire online presence, always accessible in your pocket 24/7.

No more need for printing and distributing traditional business cards every month, with just basic contact information. Save both time and money by using our digital business card solution and eliminate the need for paper cards altogether.

Effortlessly showcase your brand and allow people to easily connect with your company, all without requiring an app.

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  • We deliver your personal business card
  • Grow your network

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