Refund and Returns Policy

“Hey there, awesome folks at Taptogo Vcard !

We’re all about making you smile with our services. However, we want to be upfront and share that we don’t offer refunds. Once you make a purchase, it’s like a high-five – final and fantastic!

We totally get that life can throw curveballs, so we encourage you to give any purchase a good think before going for it. Got questions or doubts? Our fantastic team is here to chat and help you out before you hit that buy button.

Just a heads-up, our no-refund policy applies whether you’re grabbing something on our website or from any other cool spot. Oh, and those third-party fees that might pop up during the transaction? Sorry, they’re not refundable either.

We’re on a mission to make you smile, and we’ll do our happy dance to sort out any questions before you dive in.

Thanks a million for being part of the Taptogo Vcard family. You rock, and your understanding of our no-refund policy rocks even more!”